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DDP Gold Sign of The Zodiac Extended set The Fire Clock in Sanctuary -Goddess Athena and Soldiers-
[Code: HSS-12849]

Retail Price: 400
Discount price: 380


Packing: 6 pcs/ctn
Weight: 1050g
In stock: 1
Material: PVC ABS
Release Date: 2017-April 14
Japan Retail Price: 5,500 Yen

Set Contents: 
Athena Saori Cane parts
Athena Saori replacement for face parts (eyes closed face)
Athena Saori exchange for hair parts (front and back)
- Rank and file three
· Fire watch set
· Fire parts × 48 (runner)
· Thick pillar × 6 (runner assembly type)
- Gemini Gate
And large pedestal
And small pedestal × 2
Stairs × 2
Structure parts set (runner assembly type)

Height approx.100mm (Athena Saori body)

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