Bandai Soul of Chogokin GX-59R Mirai Robo Daltanious

  • Brand: Bandai
  • Weight: 1.87KG
  • Reference: HSC-58744

Release Date: 2020-July 21
Japan Retail Price: 28,000 Yen

Weight approx. 1.87 kg

Material: PVC ABS Diecast
Height approx. 270mm

-Atlas main figure
-Beralios main figure
-Gumper main figure
-Daltanious left & right forearms with gripping hands part
-Head part for detail-up
-Shoulder armor (left & right) for detail-up
-Alternative hand part (left & right) x3 types for each
-Hand Slicer x2
-Boomerang Cutter joint
-Shredder Punch blade part x8
-Tran Shield
-Tran Shield grip
-Lysander grip
-Lysander arrow
-Tran Saber
-Flame Sword
-Gyro Spinner x2
-Gumper Cutter x2
-Sigma Beam
-Sigma Beam stand
-Neutron Missile firing unit
-Alternaive Beralios head
-Stand part set for display